About Halieus

ἁλιεύς halieús, hal-ee-yoos' a sailor (as engaged on the salt water), i.e. (by implication) a fisher:—fisher(-man).

Here’s the deal: we’re passionate about fishing, and we’re passionate about looking good. What can we say? We’re passionate folk.

So what do you get when you combine a love of fishing and a desire to look respectable doing it? You get Halieus Outdoors, a line of apparel meant for the modern angler and outdoorsman.

It occurred to us during our semi-hourly trips to the tackle shop that while there’s a lot of gear out there for the fishing enthusiast, there isn’t much that looks especially new. And by new we mean designed this side of 1970.

We wanted clothes that would look as good out on the river as everyday life, that would inspire good form and maybe turn a few heads along the way. If fish leapt out of the water to get a better look, hey, we wouldn’t complain.

We didn’t think we were being unreasonable, but the blank stare from the tackle shop guy seemed to suggest otherwise. So, we did what all great fishermen do when they’re not getting what they’re looking for: we made our own gear.

Enter Halieus Outdoors.

We’re serious about quality gear that’s both practical and durable. Our clothing is breathable, lightweight and made for the outdoors. Oh, and it’s ridiculously good-looking.

We’re proudly Canadian, and spend a lot of our time fishing the rivers of beautiful British Columbia. When you’re surrounded by beauty day in and day out, you want to make sure it lasts. We believe in conservation. So much so that we donate a percentage of our profits to the "Pacific Salmon Foundation." 

The Pacific Salmon Foundation, founded in 1987, is a federally incorporated non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their natural habitats in British Columbia and the Yukon.  Operating independently from government, The Foundation facilitates dialogue and undertakes positive initiatives in support of Pacific salmon amongst all levels of government including First Nations; as well as industry, communities, individual volunteers and all fishing interests. 

In fact, we’re so serious about it we even built it into our logo: two fish, to represent our company’s mission to helping grow recreational fisheries and support fish habitats. Yeah. We’re not kidding around about conservation.

We'd love to connect with you, find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Have a look at our shop. Grab some gear and get outside. Because if there’s anything better than being out on the water, casting a perfect line and getting a bite or two—and looking pretty classy doing it—well, we haven’t found it.